Ring sizes

If you are unsure about your ring size, there are multiple ways how to measure it.

How to measure the ring size

Wrap a strip of paper around the second joint of your finger and mark the spot where the ends of the paper first meet. Measure the distance between the marks in milimeters, You should not measure the size near the palm as the ring would be too small to pass around the joint.

Measure the inside diameter of your ring with an accuracy of half a millimeter and finding data multiply by 3.14. You get a ring circuit. If you measure a narrower or wider ring, this way you should also find out how much your narrow ring vary in size from that broad.

Ring diameter in mmRing size16.005016.255116.505216.755317.255417.505517.755618.255718.505818.755919.256019.506119.756220.0063

Measure the inner diameter of your ring and look upt the right size in the table. If the ring stripe is wider, rather order a ring about a half to one size larger.

Manufacturers use to measure the Rings special cones that may not be entirely the same diameter. If your exact ring size is missing from the table, you can still order ring one size larger or smaller, it usually does not matter.

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