Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

for purchases in Stříbrné Tlapky / Silver Paws store

1 – Definitions

Seller means the operator of an online store Jaroslava Hanyšová, Lamačova 827/15, Praha 5 – Hlubočepy, 152 00, Czech Republic, ID#: 61830593 Business license ŽO/0003079/94/Liz/001. Buyer means the person who made the order, and therefore confirms that it accepts these terms and conditions.

2 – Order

The purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer arises by filling and sending order through this storet. By this the buyer accepts these terms and conditions and agrees with processing of his personal data, and receiving commercial communication from the seller. Business relationship between the seller and the buyer shall be governed by the trade laws of the Czech Republic, regardless of the residence of the purchaser. The seller is commited to not share the personal information of the buyer with any third-parties and to ensure their safety.

3 – Refund policy

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract concluded through an online store without giving any reason within 14 calendar days of receipt of goods.

Buyer in the event of withdrawal from the contract must return the unused goods, including packaging, invoices and all accessories, give the account number for a refund or address where payment is to be sent. Seller preferably sends the returned money back to the bank account of the buyer. The seller refunds the price the buyer has paid for the goods.

If the buyer sends back the goods as “cash on delivery”, the seller does not accept it.

The buyer is not entitled to return the goods if the product has been on the choice of the purchaser in any way modified or made ​​to order.

4 – Delivery time

Goods that are in stock ship within 2-3 working days. Others usually within 2-3 weeks. If the seller can not meet this deadline, the seller will inform the buyer via phone or e-mail.

5 – Method of delivery and payment

Shipment to foreign countries

We send the goods via the Czech Post. Due to the high cost of “cash on delivery” postage and the bank transfer fees, the payment is only possible via credit card and PayPal.

6 – Warranty

All products provide a warranty period of 24 months from the date of purchase of the product, this warranty applies to hidden defects in the product, rather than its normal wear and tear.

Postal address for warranty claims is: Jaroslava Hanyšová, Lamačova 827/15, Praha 5, 152 00. Do not forget your proof of purchase and description of fault.

The statutory period for settlement of a claim is 30 days and extends the warranty of the product.

Making any modifications to the jewelery either by the buyer or third party voids the warranty. If you need any modifications done (e.g. adjusting the ring size), we will gladly do them for you.

In the case of unrecoverable product defect the seller can either:

  • send replacementafter agreement with buyer send different one of equal valueoffer reasonable discountrefund your money.

We return only the amount corresponding to the value of the returned jewelry. Postage, for obvious reasons we can not refund.

7 – Gift vouchers

Purchased voucher has stated expiry date, ie, it must be used to purchase goods in the internet shop no later than the date specified on the voucher. Voucher raised after this date can not be used for the purchase.

If a customer buys goods of lower value than the gift voucher, the excess amount will not be refunded.

The value of the voucher is used to cover the entire order, ie, both goods and freight. The value of the voucher is displayed after entering the code as a discount on the total order value.

The value of the voucher is for customers paying in Euros converted according to the current exchange rate. It is possible that between the purchase and use of gift voucher can change the course of the Euro, therefore the value of the voucher at the time of application will not be completely identical to the amount for which the voucher was purchased. Customers purchasing the voucher in EUR acknowledges and agrees that the operator of an online store will not exchange differences that were not compensated.

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